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Robotics and Yoga Workshop

On October 21st, my friend Katy and I are hosting a “How We Move” workshop that is a fusion of Robotics and Yoga. It will be at Bernal Yoga in SF, and you should buy your tickets ASAP since there will be limited room!

More Info and Tickets

HOW WE MOVE: A Cross-Discipline Exploration. Fusing cutting edge research from human physiology, anatomy, neuroscience, robotics & yoga, this workshop will challenge commonly held assumptions about how our bodies move.

NASA Robotics Researcher Vytas SunSpiral will discuss the unique properties of tensegrity structures, connective tissue & communication systems as a foundational part of our bodies and how we move. Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor Katy Fox will then lead us through a yoga class designed to explore and embody the concepts presented in this lecture. Join us as we share a fresh perspective about form & function, providing insights into self-awareness and how we connect and interact with each other.

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