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Interviewed by London Real

This week I was visiting EPFL, a leading research University in Switzerland, where I gave my presentation “Dynamic Tensegrities: Foundation for Motion and Thought.” I was really excited to be talking there at EPFL since there were a number of researchers in the audience for whom I have a lot of respect, such as Prof. Auke Ijspeert from the BioRobotics Lab, and Prof. Dario Floreano from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems. Some great Tensegrity Structures research is also being done there by Prof. Ian Smith in the Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory.

While I gave my talk, Brian Rose, producer of London Real TV, filmed me and then interviewed me afterwards. You can see the final podcast production below or on their site! Its fun to finally get some of the ideas on video where it can be shared with a wider audience. One funny thing though, everyone here in Europe seems to jump to the conclusion that I have a PhD and calls me “Dr. Vytas.” I keep explaining to folks that I skipped that step and went straight to leading cutting edge research. Anyways, enjoy the show, its been a fun couple days for me!

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