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As the Earth and Sky Dance

This last weekend I was asked to share a few words on the topic of Love and Relationships during the magical marriage ceremony for my friends Leila and Matthew Madrone.  Leila is a wonderfully creative engineer who used to work at NASA.  She was the lead mechanical engineer for the Gigapan Imager – a robotic device used to capture super high resolution panorama images. The inspiration behind the Gigapan is to spread global cultural awareness by making immersive imagery cheaply available and easy to share.  Matthew is a talented musician working in a number of collaborations such as The Fingermonsters and Cubik & Origami, whose music has inspired me to joy and dance on many occasions.  In fact, their video for “The Box” is one of my favorite music videos ever. Check it out!

Taking the new last name of Madrone, a tree native to Northern California, the themes of Earth and Sky were woven through their wedding. I wrote the following poem at 20,000 feet in the air, flying home from the NASA Robotics Field Test I was just at (next post).  Many folks at the wedding liked the words very much, so I am sharing them with everyone else.  Enjoy!

As the Earth and Sky Dance

A poem for the wedding of

Leila & Matthew Madrone

Vytas SunSpiral

As the Earth and Sky Dance,
They play many roles for each other —

Leila Madrone — One of the best engineers I know

    • The stable earth, holding the center
    • The bright sky full of light and joy
    The deep electrical ground currents that bring lightning to life

While we recognize the dynamic changing roles of earth and sky, the beautiful thing is that we humans are even more dynamic than that — we will be every role for each other!

    Each of us will have our turn to be the strong support, or the inspired leader.
    Each of us will have our turn creating the music we dance to.
    Each of us will have our turn to be everything we admire in our partner.
    Each of us will have our turn to inspire our partner to be the most brilliant manifestation of human spirit possible.

As the Earth and Sky Dance,
They change each other.
Can you see it?

As we dance this dance of reflection, the music changes and our steps flow with the new tempo.

In our joy, we forget the bruised toes from learning new steps, and are amazed about who we are becoming together.

Matthew and Leila Madrone

After 20 years, can you find wonder in this person you are just getting to know?

After 40 years, will you learn something new about your partner?

Can you find the tingling magic of discovering a beautiful soul again and again??

Can you find new ways to seduce each other?

The person in your arms today is not the person you danced with yesterday.

Who are they?

Get to know them today.


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  1. Liam says

    Frackin’ brilliant!

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