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A Moment of Joy

A moment of joy from today! This afternoon I went to The Revolution Cafe to finish up the previous post and get a bite to eat. Revolution is one of my favorite cafe’s here in San Francisco with good food, coffee, beer, and people watching. There are always some amusing antics or interesting conversations going on there. Today as I walked in I was greeted by beautiful music — two folks were playing chamber music on the piano and violin. The pianist had a pink heart died into the back of her head (might not show in the pictures), and this unexpected gift of music and beauty brought me much joy! So, with my heart full of love for these strangers, I’m inspired to share the joy further!

Oh!  While looking up the Cafe’s yelp page, I found a site called Classical Revolution which organizes regular chamber music events out in accessible bars and clubs in the area. The group plays chamber music at The Revolution Cafe regularly.  Yah!

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